Oct.31 2019
SHURI CASTLE burned down.

I was asked by my close friends to collaborate on a fundraiser for Shuri Castle. Through my friends clothing business and my artwork, we created a t-shirt celebrating Shuri Castle and the hope of rebuilding. All profits made from T-shirt sales go to Naha City Hall. In the first 10 days of sales, we sold over 750 T-shirts and raised around $9,000. I am excited to announce this is creating a lot of positive media attention for our project too. First, renowned Japanese Actress Kuroki Meisa publicly endorsed her support for our project. Second, we continue to be published in Okinawan and Japanese newspapers and online sites.

Shuri Castle has risen and fallen several times over the last 600 years. After World War II, it took almost 45 years to rebuild for the public. Since then its reputation grew as a symbol of Okinawan culture and as a world heritage site. This was a huge honor and sense of pride for our people who deeply respect and cherish our ancestral history. The site reminds us of our religious, political, and ceremonial histories of the past. Furthermore, Shuri was a centerpiece for what many authors have coined, “two worlds,” because Okinawa is where Japan initially opened to the east and west. When Commodore Perry landed in Okinawa his party began that coexistence around Shuri and it continues to this day. The sadness of losing Shuri on October 31st cannot be overstated. It is a deep loss for the Okinawan people and deeper more with the eyes of the world turning to Japan for the Olympics. However, as Okinawans we remain strong and we are positive about the future. It is with this Okinawan spirit, history, and the future of the people. We want to see Shuri Born Again.

I have been so thankful to see the many posts on social media from friends and family from around the world who posted their memories from visits to Shuri. Thank you all for your love of Okinawa and the continued hope to see Shuri Born Again.

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